someone else

by Somebody's Basement

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Recorded March 2013 in Wethersfield, CT in Mike Cantin's (Scooter's) basement

* 860 recorded January 2013

"I wished I was someone else, and I wished it was warmer" - John Darnielle

This is our first release, and our last as this iteration of Somebody's Basement. It's important to everybody involved. For some of us, it represents our first foray into songwriting. For all of us, it represents hours spent together in a basement with friends. Bickering. Drinking Capri Suns. Making music together.

all of the members of Somebody's Basement are either about to leave for college or in their first year of college, so it is only natural that anxieties about leaving home would be prevalent in anything we wrote. This album is about hometowns and 17/18 years of memories tied to one place. Girls. Friends. Streets and intersections and routes you know by heart in the dark. Places where we were loved and were alone. Smoking. Gas station coffee before sunrise. People you used to be friends with. Holding hands with someone in the woods, and then going months without talking to them. Swingsets. January nights. Winters that could never end. Apparitions of memories that stack; good replaced by bad and replaced by good again.

We hope you enjoy it. We hope to make more music in the future, and we can only get better.
Thank you

Jack Brannigan - Guitar
Mike Cantin - Drums
Ben Grant - Bass
Chris Nicastro - Vocals + Guitar

Recording, Mixing, Mastering by Mike Cantin

Album photo credit to Alex Nicki


released March 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Somebody's Basement Wethersfield, Connecticut

somebody's basement was a band consisting of jack brannigan, chris nicastro, and mike cantin.


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Track Name: November, 2000 and 12!
This winter air
smells like it did
last January
and you probably do too

the hill we spent december on
is now coated in dew

this season
is reason
for celebration

i wish i'd known enough
not to get you involved in all
the shit that i felt last fall

new spring weather
forget what i said about being better
I smoke alone where we said we were better
this place will always be west texas in my heart all hail

this winter air smells like it did
last january
and it will next year, too
Track Name: 860 (or die)
if home is where the heart is,
why is my heart in poughkeepsie?
I mean I've never even been there

if everyone is sorry
for all their bullshit
where's the penance for their sins?
I mean I'm working my ass off

and it seems it only rains here
once a month
and my sorry eyes are drying
way too much

take me back
to west CT suburbs
the 860 I love

so when all is said and done with
will I say
"man I was glad to grow up here"?
and "we had damn good childhoods"?

remember when we lost power when we were young?
and the games that we played are gone
and the fort that we made in the snow
the timing's wrong

can we be like peter pan?
we won't grow up

I know I'm gonna be here forever
and I don't mind
cause out here not a single star shines
Track Name: Baja Blasting the Pain Away
Through tailored sheets
wake me up
'cause I've got class in twenty minutes

and damn I need to smoke

why did i get so fucking drunk last night?
i let you down
and why can't i
see my life behind the haze across my eyes?

if smokers are jokers
then I'm a fucking comedian
and I let you down
Track Name: Caterwauled Curse
a caterwauled curse
an exploding head
the lack of the sleep that we found in your bed
was haunting my vision
my reverie too,
a sick rash of ivy
all blistered and blue.

that fleet foxes chord
that strikes in my head
the blood on your sheets so disgustingly red

dreams in your closet
where did they go?
help me out, darlin'
you don't fucking know
that tonight
i just wanted to say

i'm taking back
all the books that i told you to read but you never did
the collage of the memories i made but you threw out instead
all the nights that we spent in your bed on the weekends
i'm taking my life back tonight